MS in Your Relationships

Information in this section was taken from the National MS SocietyMS Association, and the MS Network.

While MS does pose some additional challenges, it can also enrich relationships and bring people closer together. The first step in figuring out how to deal with MS in your personal interactions is to recognize that the disease affects all of you—whether you have the disease or care about someone who does. The next step is to decide whom you want to tell about the MS and what you want them to understand about it. And the third step is to look for ways to make room for MS in your personal and professional relationships without giving it more time, attention, and energy than it really needs.

Relationship topics:

Deciding to disclose or not
MS and the family
Including your family and friends
Parenting when you have MS
If you have children, what should you tell them?
Helping children understand MS
How your children may feel
One-on-one relationships
Keeping relationships respectful
Preventing tension