Who We Are

History and Organization

The Multiple Sclerosis Alliance of Southern Colorado is a local independent nonprofit organization established to address the needs of people in this community living with multiple sclerosis. The agency originated in 1965 as a chapter of the Colorado MS Society which is no longer in existence. In 1979, the organization incorporated as an independent agency. All donations to the MSASC stay within Southern Colorado. Over the years the Alliance has maintained its focus of providing direct services to people living with MS and their families.

Our Mission

MSA provides programs, service and resources to people with MS to help them improve the quality of their life and achieve greater hope, health and independence.

What Makes us Unique?

  • The Multiple Sclerosis Alliance is one of only a handful of local nonprofits who serve people with MS and are not affiliated with a national organization.
  • Because it is a local entity, the Multiple Sclerosis Alliance can make sure all donations stay within the local area helping people with MS.
  • The Multiple Sclerosis Alliance has been serving the area since 1965.
  • The Multiple Sclerosis Alliance has been affiliated and funded by Pikes Peak United Way since the agency was started.
  • The Multiple Sclerosis Alliance is led by a volunteer Board of Trustees. A high percentage of the board have MS, have a family member living with MS or provide care to people living with MS.

History of MS Alliance

In 1958, MS Society of Colorado was founded. This new organization’s mission was to raise money and provide services to people living with MS in Colorado. That same year, the Denver Chapter was established and other chapters were founded. The Pikes Peak Chapter opened in 1965. The Pikes Peak Chapter of the MS Society of Colorado joined the Health Association (which later changed its name to Pikes Peak Partnership), a group of nonprofit agencies which had formed an affiliation in order to reduce overhead.

During the early 1970s, it was decided services would be more efficient as a local organization; thus, in 1979, the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Colorado Springs was founded and would no longer be affiliated with any national or state organizations.

In 2005, the name was changed to the Multiple Sclerosis Alliance of Southern Colorado (MSASC). The new name reflected the broader geographic area MSA was serving and the organization’s commitment to all of southern Colorado.

As MSA continued to grow the difficult decision to leave the Pikes Peak Partnership was made in 2011. MSA is now completely autonomous of national organization and other agencies Our staff and volunteers are dedicated solely to our mission.

Our MSA Board

Board Chair: Nikki Pfeiffer
Finance Committee Chair: Roger Williams
At Large: Bernadette Noble, Jeff Smith, Maria Rundell